Protective System Auxiliaries

- Apr 10, 2019-


1.1 Chemical anti-aging agent

The main varieties of diarylp-phenylenediamine anti-aging agents include anti-aging agents 3100 and H. The characteristics of the anti-aging agent 3100 is not spray, no irritation to the skin, on tires and other rubber products of ozone, oxygen and flexural fatigue aging has a very good protective effect, especially suitable for the use of harsh conditions of heavy-duty tires and off-road tires rubber, but also CR special anti-ozone agent. One or two capacitance enhancing genes were introduced into the benzene ring on both sides of the molecular structure of the anti-aging agent 3100. Therefore, the increased solubility of the anti-aging agent 3100 in rubber could agent 4010NA and the adhesive and completely eliminate the defect of the anti-aging agent 4010NA and the adhesive material 4020 turning red. The disadvantage is that the glue becomes dark brown by light, at the same time, the pollution is serious, so it is only suitable for dark products.

In recent years, the development and application of new varieties of rubber anti-aging agent gradually to high performance and environmental protection direction of development, rubber anti-aging agent varieties gradually tend to concentrate, the largest amount of varieties in the future is still the anti-aging RD and 4020.