- Oct 10, 2017-

Recent domestic antioxidant is still volatile upward, environmental protection, leading to the majority of manufacturers have stopped work, supply shortage, the downstream demand is weak, the auxiliary manufacturers shipment pressure is large, most of the old customers use.  At present market 6PPD is 25000 yuan / ton, TMQ is quoted in 18500 yuan / ton,ANTIOXIDANT IPPD quoted price is 24500 yuan / ton.  Promoter, the situation continued last week, the trend of environmental protection intensified, Shandong and most area manufacturers have basically discontinued production, leading to market supply strains, accelerator market disorder, the supply should not demand a situation, further push the market tension, market volatility is large, many manufacturers have stopped the external quotation, accelerator MBT, MBTS price is still higer trend.All raw material CS2 very shortage ,so series of rubber additive  price may still up trend .