Rubber Additives Market Weekly Report

- May 17, 2019-

1.The market overview

This week, the price of pure benzene remains stable while that of aniline rises slightly, but in the short term there is no upward momentum to maintain low volatility. Other raw materials, such as MIBK, carbon disulfide, acetone, cyclohexylamine and tert-butylamine, were basically stable.

The accelerator maintained a stable state this week. Due to the low level of aniline, the basic raw material, and the lack of foundation for the price increase of the accelerator, the follow-up prices were basically maintained at the current level. In the near future, the production of accelerant is also relatively stable, except for some products, the basic balance between supply and demand.

The price of anti-aging agent has not changed this week, but the supply is still tight, and the phenomenon of factory queuing for shipment still exists. The national inspection of nitrobenzene production has not finished, and there are uncertain factors in the stability of supply, so it is temporarily judged that the price of anti-aging agent will remain high.

The supply of insoluble sulfur and zinc oxide is reletively excessive, the product is greatly affected by the cost, the prices is basically stable, and the profit is in a reasonable state.