Rubber Bears Have Weaker Pressure And Are Expected To Rebound

- Jun 27, 2019-

The natural rubber at night (11675, 30.00, 0.26%) fluctuated and rebounded. The RU1909 contract closed at 11,660 points, up 0.39%. On the supply side, the overall supply of raw materials in the production area is still tight, and the price of Thai cup rubber and glue remains high, but the current release of production has increased, and there will be suppression in the future. In terms of downstream demand, the operating rate of the tire factory declined slightly, entering the off-season and the demand was not good. The price of synthetic rubber is sluggish, the factory has the expectation of reducing the amount of natural use, and the rubber base is currently empty. On the technical level, since the high rubber level has fallen, the cumulative decline has reached 1000 points. There is a rebound in the technical level. At the same time, industrial products futures have recently risen, and there is a certain pressure on the rubber bears to continue to suppress.

In terms of trading strategy, rubber continued to fall, with a cumulative decline of more than 1,000 points. There is a short-term rebound opportunity. If the rebound breaks through the 5-day moving average, the rubber short position will be closed.