Rubber Maintains Low Position

- Jul 03, 2019-

At night, natural rubber remained at a low level, and the RU1909 contract closed at 11,280 points, up 0.04%. Fundamental, the current rubber changes are not large, the production capacity is gradually restored, the tire production is low season, and the downstream automobile consumption is not good. At the technical level, rubber continued to fall, maintaining a downward trend in the medium term. Compared with last year's price low, there is still 1,500 points of space, and short-term funds in the middle line are expected to continue to hold positions. In the short-term, it has reached the low point of the year, the spot price is less than the futures, the raw material price has dropped slightly, the arbitrage space has been compressed, the short-selling strength in the industry has weakened, and there are rebound conditions.

In terms of trading strategy, rubber futures fell more than spot, futures prices reached a low point in the year, market bearish pressure is expected to weaken, and rubber pressure 10-day moving averages can enter the market.