Rubber Vulcanizing Agent DTDM

- May 14, 2019-

It can be used as vulcanizing agent and accelerator for natural rubber and synthetic rubber.When used as a vulcanizing agent, active sulfur can only be decomposed at the vulcanizing temperature, so it is safe to operate without burning.The curing speed of this product is slow when used alone, but it can be improved by using thiazole, thiuram or dithiocarbamate and other promoters.Although salicylic acid acid can promote the decomposition of this product, and speed up the vulcanization speed, but can make the physical properties of vulcanized rubber decreased.When used as a promoter, due to the high effective sulfur content of this product, the amount of sulfur can be appropriately reduced.No frosting, no pollution and no discoloration when using this product.The vulcanizates obtained for active and semi-active curing systems have good heat resistance and aging resistance.As a big supplier of rubber chemicals in global market,We can supply rubber vulcanizing DTDM with good quality and low price.