Shandong Haoke Officially Recruits Reorganization Investors

- May 07, 2019-

On April 29, Shandong Haoke International Rubber Industry Co., Ltd. made new progress in the bankruptcy reorganization case. Laizhou City Court issued an announcement after acceptance, and will openly invite prospective investors to the society. The deadline for registration is May 29.

The court said in the announcement that the recruitment of this investor will be subject to public supervision throughout the whole process. Enterprises that have been established for more than five years and legally established have the right to intentional investment. The registration fee is 50 million yuan.

However, the intentional investor needs to have sufficient financial strength. In addition to paying the corresponding consideration at the agreed time, it also needs to issue a corresponding credit certificate or other performance certificate.

Referring to the Laizhou court, Howe International is a professional tire manufacturer in China. It has introduced the top manufacturing equipment from the United States, Italy and other countries. The all-steel engineering machinery tires and all-steel giant tires have strong profits. ability.

The company's branded Hawk, Shuma, Eagle and other brand tires are sold in more than 70 countries and regions, and the environmental impact assessment of its factory has been reviewed, all facilities meet the national environmental protection policy requirements.

According to "China Rubber" previously reported, Hawker International's debt application work was completed on March 29, and the asset and debt liquidation work was officially launched.

At the end of 2017, Hawker International and Zhejiang Material Chemical Group reached a strategic cooperation. It is said that the company's operation is improving under the investment of the latter, and the production capacity and product structure have improved.

In December 2018, Shandong Haoke and the property and chemical industry held a high-profile 2019 dealer conference in Hangzhou. Shandong Haoke Chairman Pan Shuchang said that in the future, the company's cooperation with the property and chemical industry will continue to deepen, through gathering technology, sales and service. In terms of brand and platform development, we will accelerate the expansion of the Hawker market network and the improvement of comprehensive competitiveness.