Shandong Officially Introduced The Road Transport Plan

- Jan 10, 2019-

Recently, Shandong Province officially promulgated the “Implementation Plan for Transportation Structure Adjustment Work (2018-2020)”. The document clarifies that the process of adjusting and optimizing the transportation structure of the province should be accelerated. The “transfer and transfer water” policy for cargo transportation will be officially Landing.

The implementation plan pointed out that in the next three years, the province's transportation structure will be continuously adjusted to ensure that the volume of goods transported by railways and waterways will be significantly improved with the support of policies. Under the premise of giving full play to the advantages of various modes of transportation, the implementation of “the overall implementation” The principle of “transferring iron and turning water”.

The program clearly stated that by 2020, efforts will be made to convert the long-distance transportation of bulk cargo such as coal, ore and coke from the whole province into railway or waterway. That is to say, this part of road transportation capacity will be completely transferred under the influence of policies. In addition, for light goods with high added value and high timeliness, Shandong Province will encourage transportation in the form of high-speed rail.

A veteran said that in the long run, the country and various provinces and municipalities have introduced transport restructuring plans mainly for energy conservation and environmental protection. The reshuffle can also promote the transformation and upgrading of the auto industry. In recent years, the industry may usher in a “big reshuffle”. ".

However, in the short-term, the road freight volume will be transferred to the railway and waterways. The reduction of freight volume will inevitably lead to a decline in the demand for transportation vehicles, which will lead to a decline in the performance of vehicle manufacturers. Rubber companies such as tires and rubber products will also be affected. Significant impact.

Railway and water transport support is obvious

According to Shandong Province, the government is committed to improving the transportation capacity of major railway logistics channels. By 2020, Shandong Province plans to increase the railway operation mileage by 1,450 kilometers. By then, the railway freight volume will increase by 74.01 million tons compared with 2017.

In addition, the most important thing is that Shandong Province will also accelerate the plan of entering the park for special railway lines, supporting large-scale industrial and mining enterprises such as coal, steel, electrolytic aluminum, electric power, coking, automobile manufacturing, and large-scale logistics parks such as coal, steel and building materials. The construction of special railway lines for trading and distribution bases will speed up the construction of special railway lines for key enterprises.

According to the designated three-year plan, large-scale materials such as coal, ore and coke with a planned transportation distance of more than 400 kilometers will be basically converted into railway transportation; large-scale industrial and mining enterprises with annual cargo volume of over 1.5 million tons of bulk cargoes in the province and In the new logistics park, in principle, all railway special lines will be built; large industrial and mining enterprises with railway special lines and new logistics parks will be built, and the proportion of bulk cargo railway transportation will reach over 80%.

In terms of water transport system, Shandong Province stipulates that by the end of 2018, the coal ports of Qingdao Port, Yantai Port and Rizhao Port need to be transported by rail or waterway; before the 2020 heating season, Qingdao Port, Yantai Port and Rizhao Port In principle, bulk commodities such as ore and coke are mainly transported by rail or waterway. By the end of 2020, the proportion of container railways in the coastal ports of the province will reach more than 5%.

Road freight will become more and more strict

While actively promoting iron transportation and water transportation, Shandong Province has also strictly regulated the road transportation behavior. Shandong Province indicated that it will strengthen over-loading and over-loading of road freight vehicles, implement credit management and “blacklist” system, and implement joint punishment for serious illegal and over-limit overloaded transport parties; strive to fully implement toll gates for highways in the province by the end of 2020 Weighing detection, the average illegal overrun rate of highway freight vehicles in each city does not exceed 0.5%.