Shandong Province Has Relocated 37 Hazardous Chemicals Production Enterprises With A Total Investment Of About 78 Billion Yuan

- Jan 21, 2019-

Shandong has steadily promoted the relocation and transformation of hazardous chemical production enterprises in urban densely populated areas, and identified 37 relocation enterprises in the province, involving 11 cities and 12,000 workers, with a total investment of about 78 billion yuan. At present, the city is guiding the preparation of the “one enterprise, one policy” relocation and transformation plan, and the implementation of the relocation and transformation in an orderly manner.

At the same time, Shandong actively carried out the rating evaluation of chemical companies and resolutely shut down enterprises that are not safe. Strictly implement safety, environmental protection, energy conservation, quality and transformation and upgrading standards, organize all localities to purchase chemical industry production, transportation, warehousing, and business enterprise rating evaluation by purchasing third-party services, do a good job in closed-loop management of chemical industry, and improve intrinsic safety in the whole field. Level. The province's 6,094 chemical production enterprises have all completed the rating evaluation, of which 1,000, 2,740 and 2,354 enterprises with excellent, medium and poor ratings; 860 warehousing and management enterprises of hazardous chemicals have completed the rating; road hazardous chemicals The transportation company completed a rating of 756, with a completion rate of 90.3%. Make full use of the results of rating evaluations, and rectify the problems of hidden dangers within a limited period of time. If the enterprises that are still unqualified after the rectification of the bad evaluation enterprises are still unqualified, they shall be shut down according to law.

Accelerate the identification of parks and key monitoring points, complete the certification of chemical parks and professional chemical parks by the end of 2018, and complete the key monitoring points before the end of June 2019. In response to the problems in the identification work of the park, each park is sorted out to list the problems, clear the requirements for rectification, the time limit for rectification, the main body of responsibility, and continue to improve the rectification and improvement, and create a safe and green development platform for the chemical industry.

Re-identified the chemical park. In order to further standardize the development of the park, the chemical industry's largest province, Shandong, re-identified the chemical park and reduced the park from the original 199 to the “75+10” home. After reaching the upper limit, it is necessary to add it. The principle of "building one by one" is handled. This work was officially launched in January 2018. On June 26, Shandong Province announced the list of the first batch of 30 chemical parks and one specialized chemical parks approved; on September 28, Shandong Province announced the second batch of certifications. 15 chemical parks and 1 professional chemical park. On October 31, Shandong Province announced the “third list of chemical parks and specialized chemical parks to be announced in Shandong Province”. The proposed park includes 29 chemical parks and 9 specialized chemical parks.