Shandong Ranked Last In Air Quality, Is It The Fault Of The Rubber Industry?

- Apr 24, 2019-

Ministry of ecological environment: the air quality of major cities in China will be reported from January to March 2019. In march, nine shandong cities, including zibo, zaozhuang, weifang and linyi, will be ranked among the top four in China.Let's have a look at this report card which makes shandong more "embarrassed". Among the 168 key cities in China, 9 cities in shandong ranked in the bottom 20 in March. From January to march, linyi, liaocheng, zaozhuang and zibo ranked in the bottom 20, and no cities ranked in the top 20.

"I'm sorry, the rubber industry emissions to shandong province smear?"March is the start month and dry month for shandong's industrial development. Production lines for rubber tires and petrochemicals are all booming, and VOCs and dust emissions are inevitable.

Apparently, it's not a rubber industry smear!Shandong said at the provincial government meeting that although there are objective factors such as construction season and unfavorable weather, in the final analysis, there are still problems such as loopholes in the supervision, and formalism is still at work!

Shandong province announces' serious action 'on air pollution

From April 18 to May 17, eight inspection teams from shandong province went to cities to carry out a 30-day special campaign to control air pollution.

Inspection team request!"Four no two straight" -- no notice, no greeting, no report, no escort reception, straight to the grassroots, the scene.

To the illegal behavior that checks discovery, handle punishment strictly according to laws and regulations, the punishment of the enterprise with serious circumstance can be put in place stoutly, order stops production to limit production to undertake management, will increase exposure strength, undertake stern accountability to relevant party.

In order to achieve as soon as possible to reverse the passive situation of air quality ranked low in the country, shandong province's inspection action can be said to be the largest in history, the rubber industry such as tires, additives, carbon black is a test, frequent environmental protection inspection action is likely to affect the normal production of enterprises.

Shandong environmental protection heavy punch, wave after wave!

30 key air pollution control projects in 10 cities, including dongying, heze and weifang, failed to complete on schedule and have been criticized and ordered to make rectification, shandong province said in a report on the completion of key air pollution control projects in 2018 on March 28.

The spokesman of the competent authority said that the problems in the 10 cities mentioned above reflected that the government and functional departments did not attach enough importance to the project, the main responsibility was not implemented in place, and the organization, promotion, tracking and supervision of the project were seriously inadequate.

In the following, the pollution discharge status of production enterprises in the region shall be strictly supervised, and the alternative plan for pollutant reduction shall be formulated according to the key air treatment projects, so as to minimize the impact on air quality.

Previously, in the notification of the assessment of energy conservation target responsibility in each urban area, dongying and linyi were classified as the basic completion level, and Qingdao, weifang and jining as the unfinished level. Relevant departments will implement the policy of delaying or limiting the approval of industrial projects for cities that fail to meet the target.

In the air pollution process, shandong province requires all rubber tires, chemical and petrochemical and other atmospheric pollutants emission units to implement production limits, emission limits and other measures, even after the orange alert will require all enterprises to stop production.

Only shandong companies to worry about?

In a separate notice, guangdong, hebei, jiangsu, shandong and henan ranked among the top five provinces in terms of the number of environmental administrative penalties in January and February.

In the two months, the number of cases punished nationwide was 14,870, with a total fine of 1.192 billion yuan. In the same period of 2018, the number of cases punished was 11,232, with a total fine of 872 million yuan, an increase of 32.4% and 36.7% respectively.