Soft Control Shares Ranked First In The World For Eight Consecutive Years

- Apr 18, 2019-

Recently, "European Rubber Magazine" (ERJ) announced the global rubber machinery enterprise sales revenue ranking in 2018, Soft Control Co., Ltd. ranked third in the world, which is the company's eighth consecutive year in the world's top three.

After nearly two decades of development, the company has also made a qualitative leap in terms of quantitative change. The technical strength has not been the same. Smart manufacturing has taken the lead in the industry, and rubber products have covered 80% of the equipment needed for tire production. Soft control's auxiliary machines, small material weighing systems and other products have reached the world's advanced level.

Soft Control currently leads more than 40 experts in 7 countries and is developing four international standards for RFID for tires. It has now developed into an excellent supplier of intelligent manufacturing solutions for tire companies worldwide.

Relying on the unique advantages in the product line, soft control has achieved outstanding achievements in the field of intelligent manufacturing in recent years. It is understood that as early as 2014, soft control was the first to propose the concept of “smart factory” in the rubber industry. In 2015, the technical roadmap for the tire smart factory was formed.

In November 2016, the world's first tire intelligent demonstration plant was put into production by the software control master plan and general contracting. In November 2017, Soft Control led the establishment of the China Intelligent Manufacturing and Standardization Alliance and initially developed six smart manufacturing standards.

In September 2018, the first intelligent mixing plant in the rubber products industry under the control of soft control was put into operation. Based on the previous accumulation, the world's first “Tire Smart Factory Experience Center”, which is built by Soft Control, was also launched in 2018, in order to let customers intuitively experience the improvement brought by intelligent manufacturing.

In recent years, the speed of the introduction of soft-controlled intelligent equipment has been significantly accelerated, from the early automatic small-material weighing system to the recent PS2A semi-steel forming machine, the third-generation all-steel dynamic balance testing machine, TPRO-S all-steel forming machine, Intelligent inner liner production line, CPS vulcanizer, single station X-ray machine, new process extrusion winding equipment, etc.

Moreover, the relevant person in charge said that the soft control will also introduce new products and some new technologies such as engineering tire forming machine, sixth generation small angle cutting machine, automatic apex rubber, etc. this year.

So far, the soft control has mastered some core technologies of tire intelligent manufacturing, and accumulated more successful experiences in automation, intelligent control, machine vision, human-computer interaction, equipment health management, energy saving and environmental protection, safety and reliability. At present, the soft control can provide intelligent equipment, intelligent workshop and intelligent factory three-layer solution for the rubber industry.

In the future, Soft Controls will integrate its superior resources and continue to provide differentiated and intelligent solutions for global users, and promote the iterative upgrade of intelligent manufacturing to make greater contributions to the development of the industry.