Sunnyjiont KA9188 Widely Used For Tyres,welcome Inquiry

- May 18, 2018-


Sunnyjoint KA9188 is a new cross-linking agent with high resistance to vulcanization of diene rubbers, which  could improves the heat resistance of rubber products.

Physical and chemical properties

Composition: 1,6-bis(N,N'-dibenzylthiocarbamoyl disulfide)hexane

CAS NO.: 151900-44-6

Appearance: White powder

Effective content: ≥85.0%

Softening point 87-97°C

Total sulfur content: 22.0-26.0%

Specific gravity (25°C): 1.25

Ash content: 3.0%


Sunnyjoint KA9188  is suitable for NR, IR, SBR, and BR or their combined use in conventional and semi-effective vulcanization systems for use with sulfur and thiazole or sulfenamide accelerators. The vulcanizates cross-linked KA9188 exhibited good dynamic and static moduli, tensile strength, tear strength, hardness, rebound, compression set, heat generation, and creep in the Goodrich flexion test. In the sulphur vulcanization in which this product is involved, a thermodynamically stable and flexible hybrid cross-linking bond will be formed. The structure is rubber--Sx--(CH2)6--Sx--rubber (X 3).