SUNNYJOINT Commonly Used Rubber Mixing Process Characteristics

- Sep 27, 2018-

SUNNYJOINT rubber compounding is to uniformly disperse various compounding agents in the rubber by means of the mechanical force of the rubber mixing machine to form a rubber medium or rubber and some compatible with it. A process in which a mixture of components (complexing agents, other polymers) is used as a medium, and a rubber-incompatible compounding agent (such as a powder filler, zinc oxide, a pigment, etc.) is a dispersed phase of a multiphase colloidal dispersion system. The specific technical requirements for the mixing process are: uniform dispersion of the compounding agent, so that the compounding agent, especially the reinforcing agent such as carbon black, achieves the best dispersion to ensure the uniform performance of the rubber compound. The compound obtained after mixing is called “mixing rubber”, and its quality has an important influence on further processing and product quality.