Sunnyjoint:Effect Of US Tariff Adjustment On Aniline

- Oct 25, 2018-

Aniline as an overcapacity product, domestic supply and demand imbalance is serious. Domestic production is abundant, and domestic demand can no longer absorb domestic production. Major aniline factories are actively looking for new ways to relieve their own pressure. At present, export is one of the means to alleviate domestic overcapacity of aniline.

The United States has increased tariffs on imports of Chinese 200 billion goods, including aniline. China exported 22662 tons of aniline to the United States in 2017, accounting for 12.63 tons of exports last year, ranking third in total exports. Judging from the export data for January-March this year, the amount of aniline exported to the United States in the first three months was relatively large. The cumulative quantity of exports to the United States in the previous three months was 12313 tons, catching up with half the export level in the whole of last year. In the first three months, China exported 50151 tons of aniline. In January and March, China's aniline exports to the United States accounted for 24.55 percent of the total export volume in the whole year. And the United States China's aniline tax increases by 10%, greatly limiting the amount of Chinese aniline exported to the United States.

Wanhua Yantai added 180000 tons of aniline units at the end of August this year, and the market supply increased greatly. The aniline market is closely watching the recovery of Shandong Jinling Dongying installation, and if the Jinling Dongying installation starts up, the market supply will continue to increase. While supply continues to increase, the aniline market has fallen to the cost line, with individual manufacturers already in a loss-making position.

At present, the form of aniline in China is very bad, which is related to the US policy of increasing the tax on Chinese aniline products by 10%. The amount of aniline exported to the United States has been affected, with fewer exports, and some factories have put the export surplus on the market or reduced production. Competition in the domestic market has intensified. For following aniline market changes, as a professional China rubber accelerator supplier, Shenyang Sunnyjoint will continue reporting.