Sunnyjoint Info: Rubber Antioxidants Price May Increase In October

- Sep 28, 2018-

With the end of the off-season and the end of September, when the so-called traditional peak season comes, the downstream tire starts have improved to a certain extent. In addition, after a long period of decline in the antioxidant itself, the prices of some varieties are gradually approaching the cost line, which is supported by the cost. The production enterprise continues to reduce price intention is not big, turn to support price. But because the downstream start to rise is slower, antioxidant enterprises have limited power to rise, heard only slightly higher prices in Shandong. But the move reinforced the industry's optimism about the future.


Fig. 2 average operating rate trend of domestic tire enterprises


After October, 2018 will enter the last quarter, when the weather turns cold, downstream tires and products will start to save room to improve, which will lead to a better demand side, and the prices of antioxidants, which have been ready to move since September, may be heading in a new direction. As a big supplier of rubber auxiliary, Shenyang Sunnyjoint Chemicals Co., Ltd. will keep an eye on the market fluctuation of rubber antioxidants.