Sunnyjoint Info: Why There Is The Continuous Decline In The Mainstream Brand Prices Of Antioxidants?

- Sep 27, 2018-

  Since the beginning of the year, the antioxidant market has continued its downward trend. As of deadline, the market price of some mainstream varieties of antioxidants has dropped by 8500 yuan / ton since the beginning of the year. So, antioxidant mainstream brand prices continue to decline what are the reasons?


Fig. 1 market price trend of antioxidant 4020


  According to SHENYANG SUNNYJOINT, the primary and most important reason for the decline in antioxidant prices is the imbalance in the basic supply and demand side. In 2018, major antioxidant enterprises in China basically started at a high level, with only a few enterprises stopping temporarily during the Spring Festival or affected by environmental protection policies. But each enterprise stock is reasonable, the market overall supply is sufficient. But the demand side is not optimistic, due to the impact of policy and Sino-US trade war, downstream tire construction is not high, especially in the third quarter, especially in the low demand season. The market for antioxidants is oversupply, exacerbating the decline of the market speed.