SUNNYJOINT On Carbon Black Fineness Affects Other Characteristics Of Carbon Black

- Dec 17, 2018-

The fineness of carbon black refers to the original particle size, which directly affects the blackness, dispersibility, tinting strength and wettability of carbon black. The following is a brief introduction of the influence of several indexes on the particle size of carbon black.


1. The smaller the original particle size of carbon black, the finer the fineness is expressed by nm. The higher the blackness, the stronger the tinting strength. Can meet the production needs of high quality products.


2. However, due to the excessively small particle size, there are more voids between the carbon black particles. There is a large amount of air between these voids, and it takes a longer time to wet. Therefore, the finer pigmentation is finer. Carbon black takes more time to inflate before it is dispersed.


3. The finer the particle size, the more difficult it is to disperse. When it is dispersed, it needs more force. After the original carbon fiber is finished, a series of post-treatments are needed to increase the active material on the surface of the pigment carbon black particles. Improve its dispersion.


Therefore, the fineness of carbon black is not as large as possible or as small as possible, and needs to be kept within a certain range, and the specific value depends on the most suitable range of products required for carbon black action.