SUNNYJOINT On Latex Defoamer Use Method

- Dec 18, 2018-

Many chemical additives have been used on a large scale in the development of science and technology today, especially defoamers. Industrial liquids contain a large amount of gas foaming, which affects the filling and use of industrial products. The defoamer has played at this time. Very important role. Can quickly eliminate foaming in the product. And ensure the quality of the product is not damaged. Latex defoamer use method | latex defoamer ingredients.

It is a new generation of silicone emulsion water-soluble defoamer. It can be widely used in chemicals, textiles, drilling, water-based inks, printing water tanks, paper making, emulsion polymerization, resin production, cleaning, water. Treatment, cutting fluid, antifreeze, etc. It is especially suitable for high temperature and high alkali system foam suppressant.

Product performance:

★ High temperature. Strong alkalinity in aqueous system. Not easy to break

★ Maintain high efficiency at very low concentrations

★ Good dispersion. Excellent water solubility

★ Prevent microbial growth

★ foam used to control the aqueous system

★ Non-toxic. Will not burn

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Physical characteristics:

Appearance: white emulsion Viscosity (25 ° C): medium

Active content: 40% PH value: 7-8

Specific gravity: 1.0-1.01 Emulsification type: non-ionic


Excellent defoaming performance and antifoaming performance. The amount depends on different applications.

When confirming the amount of use in the initial test, it is recommended that the content of the antifoam active in the treatment liquid starts from 10-40 ppm. After confirming the effective amount, the dosage is confirmed to determine the optimum economic amount, and the amount of the antifoaming agent is very small. The utility cost is not affected at all. Shake well before adding this product. Dilute with a small amount of tap water and then add. The effect is better.