SUNNYJOINT Rubber Granulation Project Plays A Big Role In Promoting The Greening Of The Rubber Industry.

- Oct 22, 2018-

Shenyang SUNNYJOINT as a supplier of Rubber Additives, granulation project promote the green environmental protection of the rubber industry, reduce or eliminate the dust pollution of rubber additives in the rubber product blending process, has a great effect, it is necessary to vigorously promote, although more expensive than the raw materials additives Some, but value for money, if you can reduce costs in the processing sector, the price is cheaper, for small and medium-sized rubber companies, it is also willing to promote the use of small profits but quick turnover, support and accelerate the green process of China's rubber production, After all, we will complete the great cause of rubber power and beautiful rubber!

Recalling that in the 1950s, when industrialized countries used the operation of mixing mills, China was still using carbon black on the open mill, which was less than a few steps away. Recalling that in the early 1950s, in the second rubber mixing workshop of the second largest rubber factory in the country, the black carbon black dust filled the whole workshop. The operators were white except for the eyeballs and teeth. The others were all black. . The workers in the rubber mixing workshop lined up in the dining hall to set up a separate passage. Because of the moving steps, the carbon black on the body would be inconvenient for others. [Coincly, sixty years later, in 2016, watch in NB City, Zhejiang Province. In a rubber factory, the scene of the above-mentioned opener adding carbon black was reappeared. The difference is that the operator has added a gas mask to deal with human beings' self-control of environmental protection and rubber industry production. Industrial developed countries are different from the source. Developed, as early as the 1980s, it completed the pre-dip granulation of rubber additives and completed industrial production. According to the nature of the rubber additive materials, the formula planning and application of the products, and the production process, the powdery or block rubber additives are processed into spherical, hemispherical, cylindrical, and fragmented shapes to improve the working environment of the mixing workshop. And convenient operation. It has ensured the completion of green environmental protection. Together, it has a significant effect on the significant identification of various mixing auxiliaries, error proofing, and improved blending power.