Sunnyjoint:The Carbon Black Market In October From Upstream And Downstream

- Oct 08, 2018-

Is the carbon black market expected to rise in October? Let's take a look at the carbon black market in October from upstream and downstream.


As far as raw materials are concerned, as can be seen from figure 1, starting from the end of July, coal tar of raw materials has continued to rise. From the beginning, the price of 3250 yuan per ton has risen to a maximum of 3860 yuan per ton. This round of raw materials has risen, mainly because of the increasing intensity of environmental protection. The raw material market is in short supply and continues to rise for 6 weeks. The biggest cost pressure is in Shanxi, where supplies of raw materials have been reduced because of environmental protection, while production restrictions have been relatively small downstream, with prices rising sharply in August amid an imbalance between supply and demand. Affected by this, the domestic coal tar market continued to rise in August, and the cumulative increase. Affected by this carbon black enterprises into This pressure continues to increase, mostly to run at a loss. As of September 3, although raw materials prices fell, but prices are still high.