Survived By The Wave Of Environmental Protection, Showing The Viability Of Excellent Rubber Additives Companies

- Oct 15, 2018-

The rubber auxiliaries industry is a fine chemical industry, and it is one of the key areas of sewage disposal in the rubber industry. Under the round of inspections of the Environmental Inspection Team in 2017, rubber auxiliaries have generally experienced short-term suspension or limited production, which has a greater impact on the operating rate of the whole industry. Severe situation. For the rubber auxiliaries industry, the outstanding problems encountered in the year are still environmental protection and safety. Wastewater still needs to continuously innovate the end treatment technology to ensure the discharge of standards. It also actively advocates the innovation of the source of process technology and realizes the rubber accelerator as soon as possible. Zero discharge of wastewater. In addition to wastewater, exhaust gases (especially odors) and hazardous solid waste have risen to new heights, and many companies have encountered such incidents in 2017. The rubber auxiliaries industry has relatively weak data on VOCS and hazardous waste management. In this regard, enterprises need to respond positively and positively to improve the overall level of environmental protection in the industry.

In short, most of the energy and financial resources of the industry backbone enterprises in 2017 are still invested in environmental protection and safety. We hope that through the efforts of leading enterprises, we will provide a safe and stable supply platform for rubber additives for the industry.