Synthetic Rubber Itself To Improve The Supply And Demand Structure Is Limited By Good Material Rebound Short - Term Rebound May Be Possible

- Apr 12, 2019-

However, it is worth noting that the current raw materials of butadiene and styrene prices, as well as strong natural rubber shock for synthetic rubber to provide some support.

Raw materials, as of the weekend styrene recently macro positive gradually move downstream market.And the recent port shipments improved, small long holiday, the downstream replenishment expected to strengthen, so the market shock in the consolidation, late market abnormal pull up.And butadiene respect, because northeast manufacturer suspends export, fushun petrifaction plans to stop next week, the businessman offers to rise commonly, market wait-and-see mood is thick, but local downstream receives goods to still show caution.

Natural rubber spot market mainstream prices are relatively stable.Affected by the qingming holiday approaching, the market wait-and-see mood increased, the trading atmosphere is flat.Nevertheless southeast Asia market, raw material supply slants tight, partial processing plant is sealed.For this outside market strong, supports the domestic price.

Downstream, the tire manufacturers operating rate basically maintained stable, but the jiangsu side of the explosion on the tire factory quite big impact, rubber additives in the production of raw material prices, and natural rubber prices of the firm, further increased the tire factory production costs, the tire factory in the procurement is very cautious.

For this reason, we can see that the current synthetic rubber supply and demand structure improvement is limited, but the raw materials and natural rubber is strong multiple good will still be conducive to the support of synthetic rubber price, so it is expected that synthetic rubber by the rebound of raw materials good stimulation in a short period of stability and recovery may be.