Technology Breakout Behind The Upgrade Of Haijiao Industry

- Apr 17, 2019-

Haishu Forest Products Group's first rubber-wood polymer modification production line was put into operation at Baolian Wood Processing Factory, and the second one was installed for trial operation; Jinlong Processing Branch's processing automation production line was put into operation this month; Jinlin Processing Branch Company's 10,000-ton nanometer The clay natural rubber has been put into production, and the industrial strong foundation project has started construction...

This year is the year of industrial quality improvement of Hainan Natural Rubber Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Hainan Rubber). Hainan Rubber has added technological value to improve the added value of rubber products.

Hainan Daily reporter recently entered Hainan Rubber's multiple processing branches, noting that as a leading natural rubber company in China, Hainan Rubber is carrying out a vigorous "rubber industry revolution."

Science and technology innovation promotes development into consensus

At the Hainan Rubber Work Conference in 2019, Hainan Rubber determined 2019 as the “Industrial Quality Improvement Year”, pointing out that subordinate subsidiaries and subsidiaries should accelerate the technological transformation of the rubber industry chain and the pace of technological innovation, and promote industrial upgrading.

In recent years, the rubber market has been in a downturn, which has made Haijia people deeply aware that new measures must be taken and new breakthroughs must be sought.

"As far as our own, due to the low price of natural rubber, facing the old situation of old rubber trees, old processing equipment, old rubber workers, the system is not smooth, the mechanism is not live, the industry is not strong, the talent is not refined, and so on; the industrial chain The development of the various sectors of the link is uneven, and the resources are scattered, failing to form a joint force.” Hainan Rubber Party Secretary and Chairman Wang Renfei said frankly that the traditional natural rubber industry market is sluggish, and the problem of enterprises paying more attention to agriculture is outstanding.

Since last year, Hainan Rubber has promoted the reform and innovation of the system and mechanism, formed the new Golden Rubber Company, integrated the acquisition and processing links, and consolidated the foundation of rubber raw material control and industrial quality improvement; established China Rubber Technology Co., Ltd., and built a unified research and development platform. The solid pace of technology and plastics.

As a new force for Hainan Rubber to promote the industrialization of scientific research achievements, China Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. aims to help Hainan rubber to develop into a high-end and differentiated development path.

“The company re-excavated the application value of natural rubber as a material, strived to tap the use value of natural rubber in non-traditional fields, and redefined the value of natural rubber.” Ding Aiwu, deputy general manager of China Rubber Technology Co., said.

"The rubber industry must be strong, first of all to be refined." Lin Deying, general manager of Jinlong Rubber Processing Branch, believes that working hard on the rubber processing end is a shortcut for industrial development and corporate profitability. At the same time, it is extremely beneficial to speed up the automation and intelligent transformation and upgrading of production lines, improve the quality and efficiency of enterprises and implement environmental protection standardization of products.

Automated production promotes cost reduction

At the end of March, the reporter saw in the Jinlong Rubber Processing Branch that the company's automated demonstration production line has been installed and will be put into production.

According to Lin Deying, this production line can effectively reduce labor costs and increase production efficiency. It can reduce the number of production shifts to 24 or more, reduce the labor force by two-thirds, and save a lot of fuel.

Recently, the reporter saw in the factory of Haishu Baolian Forest Products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Haishu Forest Products Group, that the first rubber-wood biopolymer modification production line was officially put into operation, which marked that Haishu Forest Products Group actively entered the field of rubber wood deep processing. In the process of rubber wood processing, the technology of the Internet of Things is used to transport the rubber wood from the conveyor belt to the conveyor belt and then to the product through the polymer drying. Only one person can operate the computer in the machine room to issue specific processing instructions, which realizes automatic production throughout the process, greatly reducing the production. labor cost.

"The product has excellent characteristics of fireproof, flame retardant and termite prevention." Gong Xiangrong, general manager of Baolian Processing Branch, introduced the initial processing business based on Hainan rubber forest resources at the beginning of the company's establishment, with fewer product categories and market competitors. Product homogeneity is high and there is no price competitive advantage.

"According to market research, rubber wood biopolymer modification has not yet formed large-scale production in the market." Zhu Shuanglong, general manager of Haishu Forest Products Group, said that the company invested in the construction of production lines, from primary processing to high-tech deep processing, extending Wood processing industry chain. The reporter learned that the second production line was recently installed for trial operation.

Hainan Rubber has taken a solid step in the layout of the industrial chain. At the Hainan Winter Fair in 2018, Hainan Rubber first launched the “Good Shufu” brand of high-end latex products, which attracted the attention of many citizens and tourists.

Development does not forget to count the "environmental account"

The odor and sewage generated during rubber processing give the processing end a "tightening spell".

In recent years, Hainan Rubber has increased its investment in optimizing management, strictly controlling the production of wastewater and promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, and earnestly fulfilling the social responsibilities of listed companies.

Hainan Rubber Jinlin Processing Branch of Changjiang Li Autonomous County, the only national industrial strong base project undertaken by Hainan Province, is an environmentally friendly deproteinized and constant viscosity natural rubber industrialization project. Previously, Jinlin Processing Branch's 10,000-ton nano-clay natural rubber has been put into production. This technology can increase the service life of existing engineering tire products by more than 20%, and the market response is good.

Chen Haijun, general manager of Jinlin Rubber Processing Branch, told reporters that the development of high-end rubber products should not only consider quality, but also pursue production capacity.

It is understood that Jinlin Rubber Processing Branch has included environmental protection work in its annual key work, and at the same time, it has a certain inclination in the salary distribution of first-line production personnel and the salary setting of environmental protection operation posts.

In order to effectively control the production of water-saving and water control work, and reduce the pressure on environmental protection, Chen Haijun introduced that the company set up a workshop to save water and water control incentives. According to the established water-saving control indicators, the cod concentration detection of the production water for the day shift was carried out. Appraisal, and implementation in the current month's piece-rate compensation, up to standard rewards, exceeding the standard punishment, to stimulate and cultivate the environmental awareness and responsibility awareness of all employees.

Jinlin Processing Branch also transformed all production water facilities, changed the large diameter water pipe to small diameter, expanded the volume of whey circulating water pool, increased the utilization rate of glue solidified whey water, and modified the water reuse equipment and pipeline to improve Reclaimed water reuse rate, reducing the amount of clean water used and wastewater discharge.

In Jinlong Processing Branch, through the optimization and innovation of environmental protection treatment process, we will do a good job in the treatment of rubber-making wastewater, and change the “three-group parallel” layout of the original anaerobic tank to “two groups of parallel” and “anaerobic” -Aeration process and other series of innovations to improve the processing capacity of rubber-making wastewater, daily processing capacity from 100 tons of dry glue / day to 150 tons of dry glue / day, while biogas production increased significantly, up 10 times over the same period of the previous year %.

“Increase environmental protection investment ‘small accounts’, and earn a “big account” for sustainable development.” Lin Deying said that in 2018, Jinlong Processing Branch’s light wastewater treatment gas conversion fuel has created more than 1 million yuan of benefits.