- Feb 20, 2019-

These accelerators are alkaline and medium speed accelerators are used earlier. The flatness of vulcanization is poor, the starting point of vulcanization is slow, the scorch time is short, the vulcanization operation is poor, and it is polluting. It is rarely used alone or as a first accelerator. It is generally used as a second accelerator. The vulcanized rubber has high tensile strength and rebound rate and low heat build-up. The main commonly used variety is diphenyl hydrazine, and the trade name is accelerator D or accelerator DCP. This product is white powder, non-toxic, but irritating when in contact with skin, the specific gravity is .13~1.19. The melting point is not lower than 144 ° C. The critical temperature of vulcanization of this product is 141 ° C, and the vulcanization flatness is poor. It is polluting and is not suitable for white light-colored products and rubber products in contact with food. When the first accelerator is used, the amount is 1-2 parts, and when used as the second accelerator, the thiazole accelerator is used in an amount of 0.1 to 0.5 parts.

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