The Development Of Global Rubber Industry Drives The Demand For Rubber Auxiliaries

- Jun 03, 2019-

1.Rubber additives industry in the downstream industry is rubber products industry, including automotive rubber products and the manufacturing, tire manufacturing, rubber products manufacturing, rubber sheet, tube, belt, rubber parts manufacturing, manufacture of reclaimed rubber, rubber boots shoes manufacturing, daily rubber manufacture, rubber products renovation, and other rubber products industry. The industry involved in the application is very wide, the market application potential is large, among which the tire industry with the largest amount of rubber, the amount of about 70% of the whole rubber industry.

2.Rubber auxiliaries are mainly used in the manufacture of automotive rubber products. Level in market demand, the steady development of urbanization, the per capita disposable income in China has gradually improve, and continuously expand the overseas market under the influence of factors such as passenger cars, commercial vehicle production and exports steady growth year by year, electric vehicle development is rapid, the domestic car ownership rising and compared to the European and American developed countries still have larger development space, and driving cars and tire production in our country continues to grow, it will bring the continuous market demand for rubber additives industry.

The development of global rubber industry accelerators the steady growth of rubber and rubber additives. Global rubber consumption continues to rise steady. In 2017, China consumed 28.28 million tons of rubber, up 3% year on year. China’s demand for massive rubber accounts for about one third of the world’s total and is still growing. Driver by the growth of rubber industry at home and abroad, as the largest country in the world in rubber consumption and the largest country in the production and consumption center of rubber additive, China’s rubber additive output has reached a new high continuously, and will continue to lead the development of rubber additive industry in the world in the future.