The Development Of High-quality Carbon Black Meets Four Major Obstacles

- Mar 22, 2019-

 At present, the carbon black industry is suffering from four major problems, including structural overcapacity, shortage of raw oil supply, disorderly competition in the market and severe export situation."Turning to the practical problems facing the high-quality development of the industry, wei Ming, chairman of the carbon black branch of China rubber industry association, said.This is the reporter from March 14, 2019 China black carbon annual meeting and the general assembly to understand.

There is structural overcapacity.Wei Ming said that since 2002, the national carbon black production capacity has maintained an annual growth rate of nearly 400,000 tons.By 2018, the country's total carbon black production capacity will reach 7.52 million tons, while the output will only be 5.7 million tons, resulting in severe overcapacity in the industry.In the next two years, there will still be a large amount of new production capacity, and the problem of industrial overcapacity will become more prominent.

It is facing multiple pressures such as shortage of raw materials and oil, and the profit of the industry is low.Wei Ming stressed that with the change of national macro policies and the weakness of the downstream tire market, the situation of carbon black industry continued to decline, the average operating rate of the industry in the past five years only maintained at about 70%.From 2009 to 2018, although China's carbon black industry has made great progress, the profit margin of the industry is at a low level. Before 2017, the whole industry has been in low profit, and even in 2015 there was a loss.Industry margins were only 7 per cent last year, and 2019 is expected to be even worse.

Disorderly competition in the market.Wei Ming introduced that, with the increasing contradiction between supply and demand, the increasing pressure on the operation of enterprises in the industry, the market homogenization competition is becoming more and more fierce, the business situation is more difficult.Due to the lack of effective market regulation mechanism, in order to compete for the limited market resources, carbon black enterprises blindly snap up raw materials and products continuously lower prices, seriously disrupting the market and accelerating the decline.

The export situation remains grim.Wei Ming pointed out that since China's carbon black enterprises are only located in China, the export situation mainly depends on the price difference between global carbon black oil and domestic carbon black oil and coal tar series resources.In recent years, the global oil price has been running at a low level, while the domestic coal tar has always been a tight product with high price fluctuations. As a result, the export price advantage of China's carbon black enterprises has been lost.In addition to the difficulties in anti-dumping and green technical barriers faced by the export market, a part of the carbon black output originally planned for export has been transferred to the domestic market, making the domestic competition increasingly intense.