The Future Development Of The China Rubber Industry Ushered In Challenges

- Oct 17, 2018-

Since March 22, 2018, US President Trump signed a memorandum, this large-scale and far-reaching trade war has begun, with tariffs ranging from $34 billion in products and $200 billion in products. On October 9th Trump declared 267 billion US dollars of products. During the period, the EU and India also frequently attacked China's tire industry. Under the influence of these external conditions, the future development of the industry ushered in challenges.

China Rubber Industry Association reminded that properly handling Sino-US trade frictions is a major issue in the development of China's tire industry. The whole industry must comply with the law and be determined to fight; it is necessary to maintain rationality and safeguard the overall situation. The key to the United States to provoke a trade war is to remain undisturbed, to maintain its strength, and to do its own thing.