The Goods Float In The Sea, The Customer Says Change Port!

- Jun 06, 2019-

With the uncertainty of china-us trade frictions, strikes at ports in some countries and congestion at ports, we may frequently receive requests from shippers for temporary port changes.We can't refuse customers, but it involves all kinds of documents, applications and fees, and it is very complicated to operate.In order to make us no longer unable to start when we encounter the change of port, let us sort out the operation process of shipping change of port according to the situation.Of course, do not encounter change port best ~


1.The container has been loaded and not entered the port


This kind of operation is relatively simple.You only need to inform the forwarder to send the new destination port to the shipping company. After the shipping company confirms the shipping space, you can inform the fleet to modify the inbound packing list and change it to a new destination port and transit port. It mainly involves the change cost on the documents, and the cost is less.


2. It has entered the port but not cut it off


In this case, the first time to apply to the shipping company, if the same route of different ports, approval is relatively easy;If you need to transfer different second voyage ships, you need to confirm with destination port and transit port.After the container enters the port, it will be put on different heap positions according to different destination ports. Once the transit port/destination port is changed, the container needs to be transferred to other heap positions in the port area. If the cut-off time is near, it needs to be moved down more.


3. The shipment has not arrived at the port


This kind of circumstance changes harbor to compare troublesome, need to consider many factors.We need to issue a letter of guarantee for changing the port to the shipping company. They will verify whether the goods have been issued the port of destination manifest and whether the goods have passed the transit port. All these will determine whether the port can be changed.If the port of destination manifest has been issued, then the shipping company needs to send an email to the port of destination to confirm the feasibility of changing the port and the penalty;If the goods have passed the transshipment port, it is necessary to confirm whether the port to which the ship is going is the port to which the ship is attached. If it is not, it cannot be directly changed. After arriving at the port of destination, it is necessary to confirm with the ship owner about the change of port.


Procedures of port change:

1) the booking agent shall provide "port guarantee" and full set of original bill of lading to the shipping company for application.

2) the shipping company will submit the application for port change to the headquarters and relevant transit/destination ports to confirm the maneuverability of the port change and inquire about relevant fees.

3) after the booking agent or foreign payers confirm the payment, the shipping company will change the manifest and issue a new bill of lading as required on the guarantee.If the customer finally cancels the change of port, it needs to be confirmed in writing, and then the booking agent takes back the original bill of lading from the shipping company.

4) if only part of the containers under the bill of lading number need to be changed, please contact the document department to apply for splitting the bill of lading in advance.After the split of bill of lading is completed (the new bill of lading number is generated), follow the above procedures 1-3.