The Knowledge Of Rubber Accelerator Antioxidant And Sulfide

- Dec 11, 2018-

Rubber Accelerator mainly include sub-sulfonyl CZ, NS, DZ and so on, thiazolidinediones type MBT, MBTS and so on, metformin type inhibitor DPG, super-propellant autumn lamb TMTD, TMTM and carbamate ZDC and so on.

Antioxidant main varieties of benzodiazepines and quinoline products, mainly 4020, 4010NA and TMQ, the rest also has two aniline and phenols, such as BLE, DF34, anti-264 and anti-2246 and so on.

Sulfide and sulfide active agents mainly include insoluble sulfur yellow (IS), sulfide resin 201, 202, 2402, sulfur given body DTDM, peroxide sulfide agent, wet nano-zinc oxide, organic zinc active agent, anti-vulcanization return agent PK-900 And so on.

Processing rubber essential additives include antiscorching agent PVI, Plasticizer SJ103, DBD, plasticizer A, dispersant FS-97, FC303, DP600, at, ZD, TB series, viscous resin 203, 204, TKM, C9 composite resin, reinforced resin 205, 206 , PF,

Thermal stabilizer HS-80, flow auxiliaries AT-42, uniform agent H501, 40MS, 60NS, FR-40, ZD-9, release agent DH series, AT-20, FC-60, good Fidelity SW series.

Special functional rubber inclusion silane coupling agent Si-69, R series Adhesives RS, RF, RE, RC, RA, Rh, HMTA, air series, cobalt salt RC series products Rc-n10, RC-S95, RC-D20, RC -B23, Rc-b16 and other special needs of the product.