The Knowledge Of Rubber Tree

- Nov 02, 2018-

Rubber tree belongs to the tropical rain forest plant, it is very strict to the environment, soil, climate, humidity and other natural conditions. International authorities generally believe that: "rubber tree can only be in a defined tropical area--about the equator south or 10 degrees north of the region, it is a restricted area." ”

The world's major producers of natural rubber, mostly concentrated in the equator 10 degrees south of the equator between 15 degrees north of the tropical rainforest area, including Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Sri Lanka and other countries. China, in addition to the Xisha, Nansha Islands, are located north latitude 18 degrees, rainfall, temperature, latitude and other conditions are far worse than the above countries. Many international experts have traditionally classified China as a " restricted area".

Natural rubber has good comprehensive performance and is widely used. It used to be tied together with steel, oil and coal as the four major industrial materials of modern society, which is an important material for the livelihood of the nation.

That year, the Soviet-led socialist camp, due to geographical conditions, such as restrictions, no country can grow natural rubber, had to use oil as raw materials, production of synthetic rubber as a substitute. Synthetic rubber not only high cost, but also comprehensive performance than natural rubber, especially the manufacture of aircraft tires, must use natural rubber as raw material, otherwise affect combat effectiveness.