The Longest Tubular Belt In China Is Used To Help Coal Green Transportation

- Jun 20, 2019-

The tubular conveyor belt system developed by Continental Group has been put into use in the Yanqi coal mining area of Yangquan City, Shanxi Province. According to the annual transportation volume of 2.4 million tons, the annual coal dust emission can be reduced by 2,880 tons, achieving clean and environmentally friendly transportation of coal.

According to reports, the system is 8.1 kilometers long and is one of the longest tubular conveyor belt equipment currently used in China.

The conveying speed is 4 m / s (equivalent to 14.4 km / h), which is the same as the speed of the bicycle. The bandwidth is 1600mm, the diameter is 458mm, and 1000 tons of coal can be transported per hour. The total amount is 2.4 million tons.

Due to the use of rubber composites, the rolling friction of the conveyor belt is reduced and the energy consumption of material transportation can be reduced by 25%.

In addition, the closed conveyor system can prevent the floating coal dust in the air from reacting with the oxygen in the air due to contact with sparks, high-temperature components or similar heat sources, and thus a terrible explosion disaster, so the safety is higher.

The conveyor system was developed by the Continental Group and the conveyor equipment manufacturer Sichuan Zigong Transportation Machinery Group Co., Ltd., which can overcome the terrain obstacles in transportation technology. At an altitude of 8.1 km, the altitude difference is 172 m, with 39 raised and concave terrain and 20 horizontal bends.

According to experts, one of the biggest challenges in the design and production of conveyor belts is to achieve the best cornering stiffness, so as to ensure a better tube shape and prevent the tube from collapsing. If the stiffness is too high, it will increase the resistance to exercise and electricity consumption. From the perspective of environmental protection, the tubular conveying system should be vigorously promoted, but due to its high cost, the current downstream applications are not very extensive.

Combining the two factors, from the current situation, it has a longer process to replace the belt conveyor system.