The Overlord Clause Of Korea Trade Shipping, Export Korea Freight Forwarder Foreign Trade Should Know These!

- Feb 28, 2019-

The goods are labeled MADE IN CHINA

In order to enjoy preferential tariffs stipulated in the FTA between China and South Korea, import and export enterprises must submit relevant certificates of origin at the time of import and export customs clearance.Therefore, the certificate of origin is the main basis for enterprises to enjoy preferential tariffs under the fta.China-south Korea FTA also states the origin of the content of the verification, namely the importer the customs may, in accordance with the provisions, in order to inspect, according to the provisions of the customs may require the importer to provide import goods country of origin information, require the exporter to the customs for verification qualification, origin of goods to export the customs put forward for the exporter's exporters or producers to carry out the verification visit, etc.Therefore, basically all products exported to South Korea need to be labeled as "MADE IN CHINA". If you are not sure, you must confirm with the customer IN advance.

About the return of the goods

Since the customs clearance in South Korea USES the pre-declaration system, that is to say, when your goods are booked at the port of departure in China, as long as the container number, container seal number and bill of lading number are available, the Korean guests can make the pre-declaration in South Korea after receiving the information!

South Korea EDI, is to the front of the port declaration declare content has a bill of lading number, container number, in detail, the consignee or consignor of the goods information, such as South Korea customs EDI in the country of the consignee business license number (ein), as long as the goods you a sail, South Korea customs system inside the goods belong to the country of the consignee's hands!

If there is any dispute between the Chinese consignor and the Korean consignee, whether the local Korean consignee has cleared the customs or not, as long as the return is required, the guarantee letter from the Korean consignee is required!Or Korea consignee abandon the goods proof, or Korea consignee bankruptcy proof, or Korea consignee transfer proof, otherwise can handle Korea return, Korea transfer, Korea resale probability is 0.

About Korea control goods, Korea local freight forwarder company, Korea content sheds a company to have authority to control only allow not to allow consignee to take goods from shipping company there, but content sheds a company to have no actual control to goods droit!That is to say Korea goods, Korea content sheds a company to be able to allow according to the requirement of consignor not to allow to put goods, but do not have control force to goods droit!Even if the bill of lading is issued by the forwarder, customs EDI business license number is required when returning the goods. Only when the company with the right of ownership issues the letter of guarantee can it!