The Pace Of Globalization Of Overseas Factories Is Accelerating

- Dec 31, 2018-

In 2018, Chinese rubber companies stepped up their pace, and many companies announced that they would build factories overseas and promote globalization. On April 22nd, Triangle Tire held a triangle tire (USA) company launch ceremony in Weihai, announcing an investment of 580 million US dollars to build an annual production of 6 million radial tires "Smart Factory" in North Carolina. On July 5, Yuchen Plastics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. opened its business in Rayong Industrial Park, Thailand, and planned to build five production lines for separator and feed bags. On August 20th, Linglong Tire announced that it will invest 990 million US dollars to build an annual production capacity of 13.62 million high-performance radial tire factories in Serbia with intelligent production line standards. On September 17, Jiangsu General Motors announced that it plans to build an annual production capacity of 1 million all-steel tires and 6 million semi-steel tires in Rayong Industrial Park, Thailand. On October 9, Zhejiang Hailide's subsidiary, Hailide (Vietnam), completed its registration and plans to invest US$155 million to build a 110,000-ton differentiated polyester industrial filament project. On November 12th, it was confirmed that silicidation decided to increase the capital of the company (Thailand) by US$15 million for the construction and operation of the white carbon black production line. On December 12, Sai Lun (Vietnam) signed a joint venture contract with Cooper Vietnam to hold a joint venture company of 65% and build a 2.4 million per year steel tire project in Vietnam. On December 18th, Xingda Europe, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Jiangsu Xingda, opened in Luxembourg. On December 25th, Pulin Chengshan announced that it has reached an agreement with a Thai developer to purchase 143,360-480,000 square meters of land to build a tire production base in Chonburi, Thailand.