The Replace Of Rubber Additives

- Feb 01, 2019-

At present, the new accelerators that replace NOBS and the like are TBSS and TBSI developed by Monsanto Corporation of the United States. TBSS and TBSI are similar in structure to NOBS, while TBSS and TBSI are primary amine-derived sulfenamide accelerators that do not produce N-nitrosamines. TBSS has become the leading accelerator variety in foreign markets. The use of TBSS in developed countries accounts for about 35% to 45% of total accelerator consumption. China's rubber auxiliaries "10th Five-Year" development plan clearly pointed out that in 2005 China's TBBS production should be reduced from less than 1,000 tons / year to 10,000 tons / year, which will account for more than 20% of total accelerator consumption.

China's rubber accelerator industry must vigorously adjust the product structure, develop and produce environmentally friendly vulcanization accelerators. The focus of future work should be to replace the current use of sulfenyl secondary amine accelerators NOBS, DIBS, DCBS, etc. with TBBS and TBSI; to replace toxic thiuram accelerators with ZBTP, TBZTD, TOT-N, etc.; For the reversion and fatigue resistance, the method of using the accelerator HTS or BCl can be used; the scale of the TBBS and its raw material tert-butylamine should be expanded, and the process technology should be improved; the research and development of TBSI, TBZTD, HTS and BCl should be carried out, and the industry should be realized as soon as possible. Chemical.