The Role Of Emulsified Paraffin In The Leather Industry And Construction Industry

- Dec 25, 2018-

The role of emulsifying paraffin in the manufacture of latex gloves

Emulsified paraffin is a gray-white homogeneous translucent liquid, which is emulsified with a special neutral non-ionic emulsifier to avoid the disadvantages of unstable saponification and easy delamination. It can be stored in a cool place for two years without delamination or demulsification. Not agglomerated. It has the characteristics of acid resistance, alkali resistance, hard water resistance, strong water solubility, stable emulsion, no dilution of water in any proportion, no demulsification, no agglomeration, long shelf life, high solid content and good dispersibility.


    Emulsified paraffin


    First, the technical indicators of emulsifying paraffin:


    1. Solid content: 30%;


    2, PH value: 7-9


    Second, the application range of emulsifying paraffin:


    1. Leather industry:


    (1) Emulsified paraffin can be compounded with fatliquor


    Adding a small amount of emulsifying paraffin to the fatliquor improves and enhances the effect of the fatliquor. It has been proved by experiments that adding 1% to 5% of the wax emulsion to the leather fatliquor can improve the filling performance of the fatliquor. Improve the penetration performance of the fatliquor in the leather fiber, increase the waterproof performance of the leather, and make the leather feel smooth, soft and full.


    (2) Emulsified paraffin is used as an additive in leather finishing


    The addition of emulsifying paraffin to the leather finishing agent mainly serves to fill the coating, improve the coating feel, wear resistance, anti-sticking and increase gloss. In the early stage, the emulsifying wax was mainly prepared from beeswax, palm wax, insect wax, white wax and montan wax. These waxes have limited yield and high price. In recent years, it has been reported that wax wax is used as the main raw material to prepare leather wax emulsion. Paraffin wax is the main raw material, which can greatly reduce the price of wax emulsion, and the effect is not worse than natural wax. It is the main additive for finishing high-grade leather, which can give the leather a special brightness and waxy feeling. It can be divided into soft wax and hard wax, which are used for the bottom, middle and top coating of leather respectively. The ionic properties of the emulsion can be divided into nonionic, anionic and cationic wax emulsions, which can be used with different ion properties. The finishing agent is used in combination; the emulsion type or solid emulsifying wax can be prepared from the dosage form. All products have good water solubility, stable emulsion, long-term storage without delamination, no floating wax. It can be applied to the coating of various leathers. The leather after the finishing is soft and natural, and the hand feels full and moist, which can improve the friction resistance of the leather surface.


    (3) Emulsified paraffin is used as a leather brightener, matting agent and feel agent


    At present, people have two major requirements for the appearance of leather products. One is to increase the luster of leather, such as polishing leather, patent leather, polishing effect leather, etc. The other is to not give the gloss, so that the leather has a leathery feel and natural beauty. The former requires a brightener and the latter requires a matting agent. When using different wax emulsions for the top coating of leather, some can increase the luster or brightness of the leather, and some can produce a dull effect to show the leather charm. The wax emulsion which produces the brightening effect has a small particle size requirement and a relatively simple composition, and forms a film of a homogeneous and continuous wax on the surface of the leather. The microscopic film is smooth, and has a strong reflection effect on the light wave, thereby having a glossy feeling. The wax emulsion which produces the matting effect has a large particle size, and forms a heterogeneous and microscopically uneven surface on the surface of the leather, which strongly scatters the light wave, and the scattering effect is the root cause of the matting effect of the matting agent.


    2. Construction industry: used as reinforced concrete curing agent. During the curing process, if the surface moisture evaporates too quickly, a series of chemical reactions during the solidification process will not be completed, and the maximum compressive strength of the surface cannot be achieved. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent the water from evaporating too quickly during the curing of the concrete. To this end, the industry has developed a film curing agent based on emulsifying paraffin as a basic raw material, which avoids unnecessary surface water evaporation and promotes the hydration of cement.