The Rubber Industry Green Environmental Protection Intelligent Manufacturing Theme Summit Was Held

- Oct 09, 2018-

From August 22 to 24, the "Rubber Industry Green Environmental Protection Intelligent Manufacturing Theme Summit" hosted by China Rubber Industry Association's "China Rubber" magazine was held in Yuncheng, Shanxi.


Focusing on the theme of “Environmental Protection, Energy Conservation, Safety and Intelligence”, 10 experts and entrepreneurs from the perspectives of technology development, green environmental protection and safety intelligence, on the industry's cutting-edge new technologies, environmental protection and safety situation, green energy-saving new products, smart factories In-depth analysis, discussion and exchanges on construction and intelligent software development.

Fan Rende, Honorary President of China Rubber Association, made a keynote speech on "The Impact and Prospect of Frontier Technology on the Development of Rubber Industry". The report pointed out that technological innovation is changing with each passing day, industrial changes are raging, cutting-edge automotive technology (electric vehicles, driverless cars, shared cars), smart manufacturing and industrial Internet platforms, new materials (elastomers, fibers, graphene), 3D printing, labor A series of cutting-edge technologies such as intelligence, virtual reality and blockchain are closely related to the traditional rubber industry, and will have a huge impact on the rubber product market, production mode, sales service model, etc., and provide strong support for the transformation and upgrading of the industry.