The Voice Of The Two Sessions, Tire Labeling Law Legislative Process Needs To Accelerate

- Mar 14, 2019-

During the two sessions this year, the NPC deputy yiyang rubber and plastic machinery group co., LTD. Chief engineer jin yao on behalf of the industry call, the country should speed up the "tire labeling law" legislation process, the establishment and improvement of the tire classification of the legal system, so that China's tire industry green development has a law to rely on!

In 2016, yuan zhongxue, a deputy to the 12th National People's Congress (NPC), and 31 other deputies proposed the bill on the formulation of tire labeling law as soon as possible (no. 417) at the fourth session of the 12th NPC.

The bill is raised, the ministry repeatedly heard the China rubber industry association report on the implementation of the tyre label progress, in the legislation of 3 years, voluntary Posting tyre label more and more domestic and foreign enterprises, the existing 174 tyres tags used in the market, the tyre label law legislation has market infrastructure.

Jin rao said that the implementation of the label law can effectively promote the process of green tire industrialization, promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry as a whole, and make domestic consumers clearly consume, the rights and interests can be protected.

Why move forward with legislation?

China's tire production has been ranked first in the world for 14 consecutive years, but it has never been a tire industry power, in terms of product quality grade, brand awareness and green development of the tire industry, there is a big gap from developed countries.

In China, it is an effective means to promote the green development of the tire industry by using legal means to force the implementation of tire labeling (tire classification) system, and lead the industry to develop towards the high-quality, green and safe demand of consumers at home and abroad.

The implementation of tire labeling system, one is to let the vast number of consumers at a glance, from the label can distinguish the green tire energy saving safety level, clearly consumption;Second, can guide the tire production enterprises to increase material and product technology research and development investment, improve product quality performance, production market really need products, eliminate backward production capacity.

1. The need to build a low-carbon society

Data show that 18% of global carbon dioxide emissions are related to road traffic, while 20% to 30% of the fuel consumption of cars is related to tires.According to the calculation, every reduction of tire rolling resistance 20% ~ 30%, can save fuel 4% ~ 6%, per 100 km carbon dioxide emissions reduction of 400 grams.

There are obvious differences between high grade green energy-saving safety tires and ordinary tires in consumables. For example, the weight of heavy duty tires is 3.5 kg less than that of ordinary tires, and the raw materials can be saved of 3500 tons according to the calculation of annual output of 1 million pieces.

2. The development needs of domestic and foreign markets

On November 1, 2012, the eu tire labeling law was formally implemented.The labelling law requires all tyres exported to the eu to be labelled.Driven by the eu's move, the United States, Japan, South Korea and other countries have introduced tire labeling regulations;Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India and others are also moving faster to introduce tire labelling regulations.

In order to gain a foothold in the world market, Chinese tires must make great efforts to improve product quality and industrial upgrading. The tire grading system will also promote the overall improvement of product quality, which will play a positive role in the supply-side structural reform and capacity reduction of China's tire industry and contribute to the overall healthy development of the industry.

3. The need of industrial transformation and upgrading

Tire labeling system legislation will effectively curb inferior products to disrupt the market, but also can accelerate the pace of backward capacity clearance and promote clean production, but also can drive related industries to achieve green, accelerate the upgrading of the whole industrial chain.

Tire labeling is the basis of legislation

1. The tire label management platform has been built

Since 2016, China rubber industry association released on June 15, the tire classification standard and the regulation on administration of tyre tag, label declaration data platform and management in the three months after the formal online, to the present, a total of 56 for tire enterprise registered in the platform, including 27 enterprises apply for 174 tyres label through the audit.

2. The concept of green tires has been gradually accepted by the public

Every year since 2015, China rubber industry association held on June 15, a week of China's green tire safety week large-scale public welfare activities, has been awarded the China green tire safety week promotion stores 635, through the roadshow, tyre label animation 

China central television (CCTV) - 2 TV programs such as way to popularize knowledge of tyre tag, consumers now one, two, three, four cities of tire sales shops can be seen with a Chinese tyre label tires for sale.

3. At present, there is no enforcement force for tire classification

Although the basic preparatory work of China's tire labeling system has been completed, neither the green tire standard, nor the tire labeling system, nor the market regulatory means, has strong force, and it is difficult to effectively constrain hundreds of domestic tire enterprises.

At present, the China rubber industry association can only take online notice of the way to the public, not as law enforcement agencies to punish violations of the law.Therefore, the labelling system urgently needs national legislation.