The Waste Water Of Rubber Auxiliaries Represented By Propellant Is High Salt, High Cod And High Resin Wastewater.

- Dec 27, 2018-

The waste water of rubber auxiliaries represented by propellant is high salt, high cod and high resin wastewater. 

At present, the mainstream water treatment methods have multi-effect evaporation or MVR evaporation, Songhua, catalytic oxidation method, adsorption method and so on. 

However, it has been proved that many wastewater treatment methods can not get good results in practical application. Salt-containing wastewater generally evaporates and removes salt, and then evaporates the effluent for biochemical treatment, which can be improved by catalytic oxidation and other methods, and then into biochemical treatment. 

Deep treatment can be used activated carbon adsorption or sand filtration to make the effluent up to standard. At present, the treatment method is "multi-effect evaporation or MVR evaporation + biochemical treatment" as the most effective treatment.

However, the industry also has the processing device at the same time there are relatively few enterprises, must be accelerated in the industry to promote the use.