There Is A Kind Of Rubber That Can Conduct Electricity

- Nov 30, 2018-

We all know that rubber is not electrically conductive, it is an insulator, so the outer skin of electric wires and cables, electrician gloves, electrician boots, etc. are made of rubber. However, non-conductive rubber also causes trouble.

On one occasion, an explosion occurred in a coal mine in the United Kingdom, causing great losses. After the accident, it was found that the cause of this disaster was the conveyor belt on the belt conveyor in the mine. Since the conveyor belt is made of rubber, and the rubber is not electrically conductive, friction with the conveyor during operation causes a static spark, which causes an explosion after hitting the gas in the mine. How to eradicate this terrible hidden danger?

Later, in the process of manufacturing rubber products, graphite powder, acetylene black, conductive black or metal powder were added, which turned the rubber into an electrical conductor.

Conductive rubber has a low electrical resistivity and has a good antistatic effect during actual use. Moreover, the conductive silicone rubber manufactured by a special method can also obtain the pressure-conducting property, and it can reduce the resistivity as the pressure increases as the transducer acts under the external force. Because conductive rubber can eliminate static electricity, people use it to make a variety of special glue, padding, anti-static tape, as well as explosion-proof switches, sensors and so on.