Tire Class: The Difference Between A Bias Tire And A Radial Tire!

- Jan 28, 2019-

What is called the bias fetal, what is called the meridian fetal, this is the question that friends often ask.

There are many types of tires.Bias tires and radial tires are pneumatic tires, they are based on the body of the different form of the cord and were named respectively.

Pneumatic tires are mainly composed of rubber parts and fabric layer.Do not look at the appearance of the tire "all over" is rubber, but rubber in the tire body only has a combination of tire parts, sealing, wear-resisting, anti-puncture and part of the buffer, and so on, is not really "force", the real "force" is hidden in the rubber curtain cloth.

Cord fabric, also known as cord fabric or cord, cord.Although it is called cloth, curtain cloth is not like cloth at all.This is a kind of fabric with thicker and denser warp and thinner and thinner weft.If spread out, the fabric is something like a "bamboo curtain" -- you can think of the warp as a bamboo strip and the weft as a cotton thread that connects the strips together.It is because of this resemblance that it has the name "curtain".

Commonly used curtain cloth has cotton curtain cloth, nylon curtain cloth, rayon cord cloth, polyester cord cloth, steel cord cloth, etc.

The cord is used as the frame material in the tire and is the main stress component of the tire.That is to say, the tire by inflating pressure and vehicle load, prevent the inflation of the inner tube inflation, protect the inner tube from mechanical damage, transfer traction and braking force and other "efforts" work, almost all by the curtain hidden in the tire rubber "unsung hero" to bear.In this respect, the emergence of the rubber force is not much.

Because the tire to rely on "cord" to force, the cord fabric of the strength of the urine determines the performance of the tire, and then affect the development of tire manufacturing technology.


The characteristics of a cross fetus

Early people used cotton fibers to weave curtains.Due to the low strength of cotton fiber cord, in order to reduce the force of cord, people on the one hand to increase the number of layers of cord, on the one hand to make the cord layer in the matrix by a certain Angle of cross arrangement.Because of the adjacent two layers of curtain fabric warp inclined cross each other, so people put this kind of curtain fabric form of tires known as "bias tire".

The Angle of vertical intersection between the cord and the center line of the crown is called "crown Angle"."Tyre" tire crown Angle is in commonly "~ 48 ° 54 range.

In order to identify the maximum allowable load strength that a tire can withstand under specified service conditions, the concept of hierarchy was introduced in early tires.It originates from the maximum allowable load that the cotton cord layer can bear. If this tire is made of four layers of cord, it is a four-level tire, which indicates that the tire can bear the load within the four-level range.

With the emergence of synthetic fiber cord and some of the more powerful cord cord and the widespread use of tires, the use of new fiber cord tire level is higher than the actual number of layers.That is to say, the number of layers can no longer reflect the actual number of tire layers.In general, the actual number of levels is lower than the number of levels.For example, a tier 10 tire may have 6 or 8 ply ply.

In order to make the tire cord force uniform, the number of layers of the bias tire is even.Thus, the levels of the twins are also even.The level of motor vehicle tires is generally between 4 and 20 levels, or higher than 20 levels.The bias tire is a kind of tire which develops under the limitation of the insufficient cord strength, and it is also the traditional tire which has been used for a long time and widely.The advantage of this kind of tire is that the tire body is solid, the load deformation is small, the tire side is not easy to damage, and the steering.