Tire Class: The Difference Between A Bias Tire And A Radial Tire!

- Jan 29, 2019-

Comparison of structure and performance between radial tire and normal bias tire

(1) structural features

(1) the cord layer cord arrangement direction and the tire meridian section Angle is 0 degrees

(that is, the Angle with the center line of the tread is 90 degrees).This arrangement of the cord is very similar to the meridian of a ball (that is, the meridian), it is called the meridian tire.Of this kind of arrangement of shade line, make the intensity of shade line gets sufficient play and use, reason radial tire cord cloth layer number is less than average bevel tire commonly 40% one 50%.Generally only 1-4 layers, wire radial tire generally only a layer of fabric,

Cord between the rubber only to maintain contact in the circular direction.Travels to withstand large tangential force, generated by the radial tire adopts multi-layer, large Angle (an Angle and meridional section of 70-75 degrees), high strength, not easy to stretch like a buffer layer with beam layer (also known as hard or buffer layer. Banding layer), to strengthen the tire crown, like a rigid band, tight on wheel (3) the section of meridian tyre is wide, the cross section of the aspect ratio (H/B) for running around 0.7.

(2) performance characteristics

Compared with the normal bias tire, it has great elasticity and good wear resistance (can be increased by 30%-50%).Small rolling resistance (can reduce the car fuel consumption of about 8%), good adhesion performance (in the muddy soft road is not easy to slip), bearing capacity, not easy to be pierced, good buffer performance, can better improve the running smoothness of sprinkler.Its disadvantages are: the side of the tire is easy to crack, due to the na surface deformation, resulting in the sprinkler lateral stability is poor, high manufacturing technology requirements, high cost.

In use, it is best to install radial tires, or use alone on the rear bridge, but can not use radial tires alone on the front bridge, rear bridge with ordinary bias tires, also can not be mixed with ordinary bias tires .