Tire Prices Should Return To Rationality And Value

- Oct 18, 2018-

At present, China's tire production capacity is too much, the vicious competition between enterprises, the price war can not stop, has made us try hard, if the tire price is far away from the value axis, the industry development will be unsustainable.

If we abandon the price war, see who the tire brand is louder, and see who has higher value-added tires, no doubt the anti-dumping risk will decrease.

For tire companies that are vulnerable to anti-dumping, it is the direction to take the innovative drive to improve tire quality and enhance essential competitiveness. Instead, price warfare should not be exchanged for surface competitiveness. The true trade competitiveness is directly proportional to the technical level of the product and the influence of the brand.

In the international market, the real competition is technological competition, and the tires with high technical content have a market. Companies such as Delta and Jiangsu General have established wholly-owned subsidiaries in the United States to attract high-end global talents, accelerate the development of new products and technologies, increase the added value of tires and brand image, and enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of products. It is worth promoting and learning in the industry.

Since the AQSIQ announced the “China Export Quality and Safety Demonstration Enterprise” last year, more than 300 domestic enterprises have obtained this title. Among them, 10 companies including Zhongce Rubber, Linglong Tire and Fengshen Tire have won this honor. The purpose of the AQSIQ's selection of demonstration enterprises is to promote the quality and safety of export products and promote the innovation of quality and technology.