Tires Screaming And Increasing The Intensity Of Counterfeiting In The Future

- Dec 06, 2018-

From October 25th to 26th, the China Rubber Industry Association Tire Branch held a national round table meeting of key tire companies in Kunshan. The leaders of 27 tire companies including Zhongce Rubber, Double Star Group, Michelin (China) and Saifang Group revolved around The current industry hotspots and difficult issues have been exchanged and discussed.

 Maintain market order, strengthen industry self-discipline

Shi Yifeng, secretary-general of the tire branch, said that at the end of August, found that there were online stores selling equipment such as tire changer and hot stamping machine. Through the joint efforts of Michelin, Shuangqian Tire and other company sales, legal and technical personnel, the Association has issued four solemn statements, and the joint industrial and commercial departments have effectively cracked down. All 30 websites have been removed from the shelves, protecting the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

For the above behaviors, the delegates believe that e-commerce is a new thing. They must have an open mind, the spirit of advancing with the times, pay attention, participate and support, do a good job of standardization, and achieve healthy development and benign interaction.

Wang Zhaohua, vice president of Michelin (China) Investment Co., Ltd., said, "This phenomenon was discovered by Michelin and together with the tire branch to promote the resolution of the case, which is conducive to the establishment of a fair market competition order throughout the industry. Tire sidewalls and barcodes are provided. Complete, accurate and authentic product information, rebranding and hot stamping are violations of consumer rights and violate national laws and regulations."

Qian Ruiqi, chief engineer of Shuangqian Group Co., Ltd. said, “Tire enterprises should pay attention to and grasp the network sales, as an extension of sales channels and services, and do a good job of guiding and guiding, rather than being bad. After all, tires are safety products, who are born. Children who want to manage."

Huang Wei, secretary of the Party Committee of Guizhou Tire Co., Ltd. said, "It is light to change the number of the word. Some manufacturers buy the mold directly, embed the 'forward' brand for illegal production, and the mold for counterfeiting is not worth tens of thousands of dollars. This has risen to the legal level, and we must increase the deterrence of counterfeiting."

At the same time, delegates put forward more urgent requirements for self-discipline in the industry, and proposed to further strengthen the effect of self-discipline in the industry. The association has put forward many advocates and initiatives, but it must be implemented and effectively restrain the unruly enterprises.

Wang Jianye, vice president of Sailong Group Co., Ltd. said, "We must take strong measures and measures to vigorously strengthen the inspection and exposure of existing industry policies and standards, and the competitiveness of China's tire industry will be greatly improved."