Transforming Tire Trade Patterns To Avoid Risks

- Oct 19, 2018-

1. It is the best protection to prevent problems before they are avoided.

To do a good job in tire export warning, industry associations should assist local governments to strengthen their monitoring of the industry, fully understand the trends and trends of international trade, and guide enterprises to make early warnings of exports and remind enterprises to evade.

2. In the face of trade frictions, companies must strive to respond effectively, seek professional lawyers to conduct litigation, and strive to win the case.

For example, Zhongce Rubber, Double Money Tire, Fengshen Tire, Guizhou Tire, Yanchang Rubber, Pulin Chengshan and other enterprises must fight to protect the interests of the industry and enterprises.

In fact, the anti-dumping lawsuit is also a test of the company's own management capabilities. The company has high management capacity and high degree of international marketization. It will have an advantage in the trade friction lawsuit and may obtain good results.

3. Develop emerging markets and expand market share.

Many tire companies such as Linglong, Triangle, Double Money, Wanli, Double Star and Fengshen are actively exploring the markets in the Middle East and Africa while consolidating traditional old markets such as North America and Europe. Adhering to the principles of professionalism, standardization and humanity, we have introduced overseas brand store construction standards, so that the trade volume continues to increase, the scale continues to expand, and the influence continues to deepen.

Do a good job in rescue work blocked by exports

Tire exports are blocked, but the domestic market is large, and it is also a good way to switch to domestic sales, so that the ratio of domestic sales to export sales is maintained within a moderate range to ensure the stable supply of the domestic tire market and the sustainable development of the tire industry.

We will do a good job in the rescue, training and transfer of surplus employees, so that employees have stable positions and stable income, thus maintaining social stability.