Triangle Tires Are Named China High Speed ​​Rail, Accelerating Brand Development With High-speed Rail

- Mar 07, 2019-

On March 7th, the launching ceremony of the “Triangle Tire” high-speed rail brand was held at Shanghai Hongqiao Station. Lin Bin, general manager of Triangle Tire Co., Ltd. attended the launching ceremony.

As the train slowly exits Shanghai Hongqiao Station, the triangular tires named High-speed Rail EMU will be fully operational in Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hong Kong, Hu-Han Rong, Shanghai-Kunming, Bohai, Harbin and Guangkun lines, covering the domestic high-speed rail. Core trunk.

Since the Spring Festival in 2019, the triangular tires have further increased the launch of high-speed rail advertising, creating an efficient and accurate marketing platform, and further expanding the source market of high-speed rail out of the country. In this launch, the triangular tires make full use of the high-speed rail body, static images in the train, voice and LED rolling broadcast, etc., to carry out all-round brand promotion and enhance brand influence.

The triangle tires and Huatie Media joined the China High Speed Rail and named the Harmony High Speed Rail EMU media, fully taking advantage of the large passenger flow, wide coverage and accurate transmission of the high-speed trains.

In addition, the triangular tires also landed on the Fuxing EMU in the form of headpieces, table stickers, posters, etc., and the triangle tires were displayed at a close distance to the passengers in terms of safety, comfort and fuel economy. At the same time, the first newly opened Hong Kong Renaissance in 2018 and the high-speed rail television of the 163 trains of the Jinan Railway Bureau were all placed on the triangle tire advertisement.

For many years, triangular tires and high-speed rail builders have joined and witnessed the development of China's high-speed rail. Triangular tires have been providing engineering tires and industrial tires for high-speed rail construction equipment, such as beam trucks and handlers. In 2018, the company also developed a thousand-ton tunneling beam tire for the exclusive support of China Railway Science and Technology Machinery Research and Design Institute, creating a new record for China's high-speed rail.

Triangle tire is one of the largest comprehensive “production, sales and research” integrated tire enterprises in China. Its business scope covers commercial vehicle tires, passenger car tires, oblique engineering tires, meridian engineering tires and giant tires, special tires, etc. Radiation in more than 180 countries and regions around the world.