Types And Selection Of Reclaimed Rubber Environmentally Friendly Accelerators

- Jan 30, 2019-

In the production and processing of rubber, the accelerator (ie vulcanization accelerator) can shorten the vulcanization time and lower the vulcanization temperature. As a kind of rubber which is widely used, reclaimed rubber is naturally indispensable for the tracer. With the increase of national environmental protection efforts, the quality requirements for reclaimed rubber products and reclaimed rubber products are getting higher and higher. Therefore, it is an irresistible trend to use environmentally-friendly accelerators in reclaimed rubber. So what kinds of environmentally friendly accelerators are used in reclaimed rubber, and how do you choose them?

When reclaimed rubber is processed and produced, choose environmentally-friendly accelerators and meet environmental protection requirements. Pay attention to the following three points:

1. The accelerator itself is an environmentally friendly product and does not contain harmful substances such as nitrosamines;

2. The accelerator does not produce or leave harmful substances such as nitrosamines during the vulcanization process and product production process;

3. The process of synthesis and processing of accelerators is environmentally friendly and environmentally friendly.

Common environmentally-friendly accelerators include TBZTD, TiBTD, MTT, ZBEC, ZDTP, ZBPD, TiBTM, etc. Among them: TBZTD accelerator can replace thiram-like accelerators like TMTD; TiBTD is an overspeed accelerator with good vulcanization performance. However, it has low strength and vulcanization when it is free of sulfur. ZBEC is an overspeed accelerator and can be used to replace PZ, EZ, ZDBC, TMTM, etc.; ZDTP is a rapid vulcanization accelerator, which can be used in translucent rubber products; ZBPD is a rapid auxiliary promotion. TiBTM can be used to replace TS accelerators.