Urgent Reminder!Sweden, Brazil Port Workers Broke Out A General Strike, The Freight Forwarder Shippers Shipping Attention To The Risk Of Delay!

- Mar 11, 2019-

There is a risk of a strike at the ports of Sweden and Brazil in the near future.To avoid the goods arriving at the port affected by the strike activities caused by delays and losses.


The dockers' union announced on Tuesday that it would begin a general strike at midnight on March 6, as clashes in Sweden's ports intensified, industry today reported on February 28.The strike action will affect about 20 ports across the country.

Mattias Dahl, head of the Swedish transport federation, said it was unacceptable that the action would affect about 20 ports across the country with serious economic and social implications.The Swedish industrial employers' association, which represents 1,000 companies in key industries, warned that the strike would have serious economic consequences.

The impact on port operations during the strike is unclear, but export and import companies say they are preparing for the worst.The strike will also affect exports, with about two-thirds of all Volvo cars made in Swedish factories leaving the country through the port of gothenburg.


Starting on March 1, workers in the main port of Santos are on indefinite strike, leaving shippers facing delays and confusion.

Port of Santos is the largest port in Latin America. With the increasing export volume of Brazil, the container throughput of Santos port, the largest container hub in the country, has surpassed that of Buenos Aires port in Argentina and become the leading container port in South America

The surging container throughput of the port has exposed a series of problems and hidden dangers in santos port and other ports in Brazil, such as obsolete terminal equipment, inadequate infrastructure and backward loading and unloading tools, which is undoubtedly a heavy blow to Brazil's booming economy.

Dockworkers from the port's OGMO free Labour force will set up warning lines outside all five main container terminals to curb port job losses.Terminal officials said they expected the strike to last at least until next Thursday and possibly longer.

He expects some confusion and delays. Many exporters have already placed their boxes at the docks, but with no OGMO workers, productivity will see an impact and delays will be inevitable in the coming days.