Warning!This Port Is Still Congested, And The Port Is Full Of Empty Containers!Pay Attention To The Shipping Delay Risk!

- Apr 26, 2019-

Nigeria's biggest port, Lagos, one of west Africa's, is awash with containers after shipping companies operating in Nigeria's ports failed to evacuate their containers in time.

The Nigerian government has been trying to make changes. It has issued several presidential executive orders to improve the operation of the port.In fact, the access to the port remains dilapidated.

Lorries carrying empty containers, oil tankers and large trucks used to transport imports and exports ply Lagos's roads, clogging traffic everywhere, especially the Bridges and highways to and from the port.

The chairman of the Lagos state shipping commission said the congestion was caused by the federal government's failure to properly manage empty containers at the port.

"Port is port, should become the exclusive economic zones, port operations only allows, but in Nigeria, the port and several residential area, port less than 10 metres of some residential areas, there is a problem as cargo transshipment port station, there is no storage area, port is the place where cargo and port clearance, not for a long time the goods storage and accumulation place".

The port franchise agreement does not leave space for truck parking, and the 100 per cent privatisation model is problematic.

"Now 60 per cent of the trucks parked on the motorway had a dedicated port parking area before the franchise."At present, there are more empty containers than loaded containers in Lagos, and most of them are scattered on the roads, bringing great inconvenience to vehicles and people.

Notably, Nigeria, Africa's largest economy, has been Mired in port congestion.Some foreign media even described Nigeria as being stuck in a "never-ending" port jam.

Nigeria has 15 ports. As the largest and busiest ports in west Africa, apapa port and tingkan port in Lagos undertake about 70% of Nigeria's import and export cargo transportation.In other words, the rapid development of Lagos is closely related to the development of apapa port and tenkan port, without which Lagos would not be prosperous today.

I would like to remind shippers who plan to export to Nigeria in the near future to keep abreast of the latest situation, communicate with customers and pay attention to the risk of goods delay!