What Are The Implications Of The Commerce Department's Response To The Us Threat To Raise Taxes?Foreign Trade Or Make Preparations In Advance!

- May 15, 2019-

On the evening of May 8, the spokesperson of the ministry of commerce made remarks on the us side's plan to upgrade tariff measures.It is not in the interest of the people of the two countries and the world to escalate trade frictions. China deeply regrets this.

Quick check us $200 billion tariff on Chinese goods to us

In addition, many foreign trade people worry about their goods in the levy list!You can log on the official website of the international trade commission of the United States to quickly check, according to their own commodity situation, re-adjust the production, shipping plan!

The U.S. international trade commission's website:


Enquiry method:

1. For HTS CODE: enter the above website and check the current Harmonized Tariff Schedule under Tariff Assistance...Enter the first six digits of China's HS CODE in the search box below, such as table lamp 940520****. The left border of the search result page has detailed HTS CODE. Choose HTS CODE according to your own products.

In the search page, the left column of "General" is the General import tax rate, and the right column of "Special" is the import tax rate imposed by the United States on specific countries.

Remind everyone, export to the United States, remember to take the initiative to check whether the product is included in the tax list, and take the initiative to contact American buyers to verify the situation.Both DDP terms of the order, or the operation of the United States amazon, need to confirm in advance the United States customs clearance duties.


After the goods arrive at the port, the customer refuses to accept them and is usually pulled to the warehouse or storage yard by the forwarder of the destination port.Take the United States as an example, the customs clearance fee in the United States is about 200 dollars. If there are demurrage fees, container rental fees and so on, it can be as high as 400 dollars a day.

Regardless of CIF, FOB, or EXW terms, the goods arrived at the destination port consignee does not take delivery of goods, dock charges will find the shipper settlement, so do not hold fluke psychology, ignore.


1, return

1) the goods can be temporarily returned to the domestic bonded area (that is, domestic and foreign), and the goods can be returned to the bonded area for storage, labeling, packaging replacement, testing and maintenance without the need for import declaration, so there is no need to apply to the customs for returned goods, no need to pay taxes, and no need to pay a deposit to the customs.

2) direct return to the domestic place of origin and return to the factory.

Return to swallow the port of destination is the premise of box demurrage and storage costs, and then from the port of destination agent to arrange booking, if the outlet is company payable to export, after shipped back in accordance with the occurrences of customs declaration, need not pay tax, if the way is to buy up export, shipped back proposal direct to the bonded area, and then find a new buyer sent out.

Note: some regions and countries even if the consignee rejected, if the shipper wants to return the consignee's written authorization.More often, the shipper will not return the goods with lower sample value. After all, the shipper needs to bear an extra freight.

2, transit

Change the destination port to the port of a third country, cargo transshipment.The goods and packaging need to remove the Chinese label, and cannot display the information related to China and repackage.In a third country to carry out a container replacement operation, and then export to the United States customs declaration.At present general southeast Asia entrepot is in the majority.

However, there are risks of goods rights and capital in transit trade. In addition, many transit trade agents will issue false documents of the third party transit country certificate of origin. If they are found at the destination port, they will face difficulties in customs clearance and high fines.

3, abandon the goods

Once the foreign customers confirm the abandoned goods, the first time to confirm with the foreign carrier agent the local abandoned goods operation method process.Follow the process.

After discarding the goods, the customs will usually auction or destroy them. If the goods are auctioned by the customs, the price will usually be very low, which cannot cover the overdue fee and storage fee.

General auction income payment to pay the port of destination to pay the sea freight, warehouse fees, storage fees, overdue fees, etc., if there is any remaining to continue to pay the port of destination agent customs clearance, bill for costs.If the auction income payment is not enough to pay all the expenses arising from the above consignments, the remaining balance shall be paid by the consignor.

Even if we have communicated with the customer before, the goods may be rejected at the port due to the customer's failure to confirm the tariff rate.Therefore, we want to reduce such risks as much as possible when we ship the goods.