What Are The Meanings Of MAWB And HAWB? What's The Difference?

- Jun 19, 2019-

In air cargo transport, air waybills English called Airway Bill, referred to as "AWB, on the air waybill will have a AWB fee, which is commonly known as making cost, namely the AWB making fee.

What does it mean to add M or H before AWB?

1, M on behalf of the Master, MAWB is Master Airway Bill's initials.

MAWB means master air waybill, also known as airline waybill or carrier waybill.Master orders are issued by each airline.The master list usually contains the Logo of the carrier, but if there is no Logo of the carrier, it is the master list.

2, H on behalf of the House, the HAWB is House Airway Bill's initials.

HAWB is an air waybill, also known as a freight forwarder's waybill or an agent's waybill.Separate orders issued by each freight forwarder.


The master order has a master order number, and the sub-order has a sub-order number.

1. MAWB NO. Main order number -- the format is xxx-xxxxxxxx, the first three of which are the three-word code of airline waybill, and the eight bits after the horizontal bar are the serial Numbers arranged according to certain rules.For example, Air China's three-character code is 999, and its waybill number starts with 999.Such as 999-25312173 (the number is a certain rule, you can check, the wrong waybill number can be automatically checked out.This is similar to the container number of sea transportation. According to certain rules, the input of the container number can be checked through verification.

2. HAWB NO. -- there is NO fixed format, and each freight forwarder can make it up according to his own needs.For example, Beijing fei jitengda freight forwarding co., ltd. is used to use the first letter of "fei jitengda" FJTD as the beginning.

When should the air separation order HAWB be sent?

1. If the consignee fails to clear the customs by himself/herself and the destination port is required to act as the customs agent, he/she must issue a separate order.In this case, the consignee on the air main form should fill in the name and address of the destination port agency company, and the person receiving the goods on the air sub-form should show the true ultimate consignee.

2. When the freight forwarder delivers the goods to the airline company in the form of centralized consignment (the freight forwarder assembles multiple goods into one ticket and delivers it to the airline company for transportation), the airline company issues the master order to the freight forwarder according to one batch of goods.Freight forwarders then issue different sub-orders to the corresponding customers according to different customers.

3. When the consignor entrusts its cooperative freight forwarder to deliver the goods as the consignor.

4. When freight collect (CC) is paid, a separate bill will be issued.

Please note:

1. The shipper of the main air waybill is the freight forwarder of the port of departure and the consignee is the freight forwarder of the port of destination.After the cargo is transported by the airline to the destination port, the freight forwarder at the destination port delivers the cargo to different real final consignee.

2. The consignor of the air separate order is the actual consignor of the goods, and the consignee is the actual final consignee.Customs clearance at the destination port usually USES separate orders, and the consignee takes delivery of the goods from the forwarder at the destination port with the separate orders and other documents required by the customs.More precisely, it should be the ground agent authorized by the destination port agent to the airport of the destination port to put the bill to the consignee on the sub-bill, the consignee on the sub-bill to the airport of the destination port after the change of the bill, oneself or entrust the local customs clearance line to the customs for the declaration of import goods.After the customs clearance is completed, the consignee shall directly collect the goods from the airport freight station or customs warehouse at the destination port.

3, the main single MAWB and HAWB in the air cargo transport with the shipping ship east single MBL (Master Bill of Lading) and House Bill of Lading form similar.However, there is a fundamental difference between the ocean bill of lading and the air waybill -- the ocean bill of lading is a document of title, which can be circulated and transferred, while the air waybill has no such functions.